Moving Day!! (again)

Moving day (again!)
It's off to Hiroshima and Kurashiki today. We're anticipating a long day as we have to wear uniforms for the Hiroshima tsuru and memorial flower presentation.

We arrived at the Hiroshima JR Station and met Shaw Fujii-san is a friend of Mrs. Ninomiya and kindly escorted us the whole time we were in Hiroshima. Off the Shinkansen and onto another bus that took us to the Hiroshima Memorial Park. This day before the anniversary the park was a behive of activity with busloads of people from throughout Japan arriving to pay their respects and deliver bundles of tsurus to the childrens memorial to Sadako.

SPL's Jared H. and Scott Y. presented the tsurus on behalf of Jan Kenpo Gakko as well as memorial flowers the Exchange Committee traditionally presents during the Hiroshima visit.

Then it was off to the Hiroshima Peace Museum to see the exhibits. If you haven't been there, this is one 'must see' if you're in or near Hiroshima. I think the boys found the exhibits a sobering response to the sheer tragedy of the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing.

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