First hectic day in Kyoto

Moving day...

after a 6am wakeup call and another buffet breakfast, it was back on the bus to Tokyo Station and a 2 hour ride on the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Why cant we have bullet train in California?? Can you imagine, a 2 hour train ride to Los Angeles?? The boys enjoyed the ride, playing cards, joking around... It was funny, there was a group of elementary school kids in the same car, heading for summer camp somewhere south of Kyoto. I could tell they were enjoying themselves too, playing cards and joking around just like our boys. Some things never change...

Upon arriving in Kyoto we jumped on another bus and Ken-san took us to Nijo Castle, the castle with the Nightingale chirping floors. They made the floors noisy to give away any assassins that might try to enter the castle and harm the Shogun.

Ryoanji was next, the garden famous for its rock arrangement and raked gravel followed by Kinkakuji Temple, aka Golden Pavillion. We took a group photo here that I will hopefully post later this week.

Our last stop of the day was at the Kyoto Handicraft Center. Most of the boys bought omiyage here, so hopefully moms, they picked something nice for you.

We originally scheduled to go to Gion Corner for some culture but we were so beat by the train trip, getting in and out of the bus, the heat, and the intense interest in the four gardens and castles we visited that day that we postponed Gion for one day.

Don and Linda finally were able to have a quiet dinner to themselves, only after walking around the entire Kyoto station to end up across the street from the hotel. They found a neat restaurant where you select your meal via vending machine in the front lobby and they bring you the food after you sit down. Don was so hungry that it took him awhile to realize that you have to put the money in first before you start pushing the buttons to select your food.

No other news to report, the boys are having a great time, they are behaving perfectly so Don and I don't have to to do much about them. That's cool by me.

I am unable to regularly post my blogs and upload pictures so if you see posts but no pics be patient, I'll get them up eventually.

That is all for now.


We arrived in Kurashiki and lo and behold we have internet in the room. I'll try to update the blog with the most recent pics and a current report on our escapades...



Warren said...

Hey Jeff,
lots of pics of otokos??, buildings and homeless folks! thanks for the updates and keep them coming!

Diane said...


Here is Tsuji's address:

1-13-7 Minami Takatori
Asa Minami-ku
Japan 731-01

Jen and Gord said...

Based on your most recent pictures, I'd have to say that the boys are not having any communication problems when it comes to finding food. Looks like you're all eating well.

And so did we....the parents just had a great dinner together here in Sacramento!!!

BTW - You mentioned in a previous entry that Scott would make a cute girl. After seeing the picture with his shirt pulled up and the other between the legs - with the legs spread wide open, I'm sure that Mr. and Mrs. Yasuhara are very glad that Scott IS NOT a girl!!!