Big Chickens!!!!

Sorry for the out of order post but I just had to post a blog about todays events...

The Big Chickens!!!

Everywhere we go, if there are high school girls around they are sure to be checking out the exchange program. I told the boys that before the trip was over I would get at least one picture of them with the cute Japanese school girls... So today as we were waiting at Kurashiki station there were four cute high school girls standing at the bottom of the stairs so in my best nihongo I asked if I could take their ;picture, they giggled and gladly agreed. So I called our boys to come on over for the picture and you shoulda seen them run. A couple of them I shall let them go unnamed, hid under the nearest stairs. Whatta crackup... They finally came out of their shells and let me take a picture.



Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff!

What the heck (have to watch the language cuz Rev. Ed might be reading!) is a Mega Monster?!?!?!? You have us ALL curious. It's killing Steve and Tanner!

Please take a 'shashin' for us and ask tyler what the heck are you thinking?!?!?!?!

Thank you for all the updates. It's wonderful and we really look forward to hearing/seeing them daily!


Jen and Gord said...

I bet that Matthew wasn't one of the Scouts who ran in the other direction, right?

We had a discussion at dinner about how many pictures Jeff has been taking with pretty girls in them (and I'm not talking about Scott and Ryan). Don't be using the excuse that Jimmy's been taking the pictures of the girls with YOUR camera. We already have that one covered!

Jen and Gord said...

Hey Wait! I'm looking a little bit closer at that picture. Is that my kid with his shirt up and a face drawn on his body???? If it is, that's Gordon's son. AND, where are the chaperones when this is happening??????

Warren said...

Nah, the mega monster needs to remain a mystery and a surprise!!

Boy, Matt looks really interesting with his body art. I guess he must be a future tatoo freak!

One last thing - what's with the Biru in a scout uniform????

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Great pics!

Thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse of what you all are doing.

The boys looked in pretty good shape when they hit Matsuyama.

Barb, you may not say it, but we ALL know what you're thinking.


Mega Monster said...

gotta luv ya rev ed!

hai ya ku ni shi na sai! could ya hurry up and take the picture of the darn thing!

i have to check your blog every hour just to see if you have any new pictures.

how is the dance crew doing? practicing? they should be practicing with the mega monster thingy. in fact tyler should be taking all his pictures with the darn thing in it!

you have us all wondering what it is...that even Rev Ed had to do a search on it - during his spare time. I'd show ya...but I don't know how to paste it.

Can't wait to see your next blog!