Did I Mention the Heat???

Oh, Did I mention the heat???

Camporee Day 1

We arrived at the camporee around 10:30 am at Niihama, about 90 minutes east of Matsuyama along the north shore of whatever island this is. Fortunately someone has set up the leaders tent but the boys had to set up their own. Did I mention the heat? I sweat so much that I could have washed a car with the towel I had around my neck to keep me cool!!
Last night I sleep outside of the tent on a cot. I woke up at 3am to do my duty and change into a tshirt, the tank top I was wearing was not quite worm enough... This morning at 948am it was 100 degrees in the shade but there was a sight breeze so things weren't SO HOT!!!! Oh, and did I mention the HEAT!!!!

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