We made it!!

after an uneventful 10 hour flight, we arrived safely in Tokyo. The boys seemed really excited (and tired) to be in Japan.
After dinner they took off for thei first taste of tokyo. I am too

tired to continue this blog...5:30am sac time, no sleep yet...

Obon Fundraiser

Well we lucked out on Saturday, temps in the 90's with a nice breeze... Props to our Obon fundraiser chief Tim, we netted 2x over last year's fundraiser. Thank you Diane for having the foresight to cook the chicken in advance, like you said, no way could we have cooked all that chicken in time if it started out raw...

Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially the T250 families who don't even have Scouts going to Matsuyama. It was nice to hang out with the families while supporting our great cause. I took a few pics, enjoy!

ASM Jeff